Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Solar Energy

advantages and disadvantages of solar energy


Solar energy is a form of renewable source of energy.It is an energy received from the sun and can be converted to thermal or electrical energy.The energy is in the form of a radiation or heat from the sun. Wind,hydro-power are all forms of solar energy. Nowadays solar energy founds wide range of applications.Use of solar panels is an important application under solar energy. Solar energy is greatly influenced by the Earth’s climate and weather. Solar energy can be used in different ways such as in solar panel, solar cooker and solar heater,solar cells etc. There are several advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.

Advantages of solar energy

Advantage of solar energy is its renewable in nature. It is available in every part of the world and it is not shorted as like other sources. It also has a diverse number of applications. Maintenance cost is also low. As a source of electricity it reduces electricity bills.

Disadvantages of solar energy

Disadvantages of solar energy or solar panels are that its installation cost. It rather have a fairly high installation cost. Although it can be used in cloudy or rainy days its efficiency is drop down on those days,therefore solar power is weather dependent in nature which is one of its disadvantage.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy


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7 Energy Conservation Tips For Home – Save Our Planet

Energy conservation tips for home

7 Energy Conservation Tips For Home

Conserving energy is the smarter way to improve energy efficiency. Here in this post, we can discuss some of the energy conservation techniques.

  • Turn the lights, appliances when they are not in use. This must be our habit that we need to follow in our home and office. Unplug mobile chargers if they are not in use.
  • Use highly efficient CFL or LED bulbs. This will reduce the energy cost. And they will produce less heat in rooms.
  • Change or clean filters in the air conditioner. By this, we can reduce the power consumption. If there is much dust in air filters the machine will work harder to cool the room.
  • Control the sunlight. Use the curtains or sun films or blinds to reduce the sunlight accessing the room. We can open the windows in the early morning and in the night for the free flow of air.
  • If you are using the washing machine for drying clothes please avoid it in the summer season. You can dry the dresses in direct sunlight and it will be dried within 1 hour.

To know more energy conservation tips please follow the below link.

7 Energy Conservation Tips For Home – Save Our Planet


solar consultancy kerala
The Kozhikode Indian Institute Of Management propose Kerala’s Discom to start a solar consultancy division under KSEB  (Kerala State Electricity Board). The IIMK conducted a study to enhance the service quality and organizational effectiveness in the year 2014.

IIMK had conducted a study for Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) for enhancing its service quality and organizational effectiveness in 2014, but was asked to conduct further studies, which resulted in this new recommendation.  The solar industry in Kerala can be more flourished if these recommendations are done properly. By the end of 2022, there will be at least one solar panel on every roof in Kerala.

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Kanjikode Wind Farm – Kerala’s Largest Wind Farm

Kanjikode Wind Farm

Kanjikode Wind Farm

The Kanjikode wind farm is the largest wind farm in Kerala. This is situated in the KINFRA Industrial park. There are 11 wind turbines to produce electricity. The total capacity of this wind farm is 22MW.

This largest wind farm will produce electricity and provide it to Kerala State Electricity Board. There are other companies are interested in building wind farms. The Noid based Indox Wind has currently installed the windmills in Kanjikode. The total space for this wind farm is 27.5 acres. The tariff for each unit of wind power is regulated by the electricity regulatory commission.

The wind farms and solar panels are helping the state government to overcome the power crisis in Kerala. The renewable energy got a good boost in the last few years. This is because of the environmental friendliness and the reduction in cost.

Kanjikode Wind Farm – Kerala’s Largest Wind Farm

SD College Becomes The First Solar Powered College In Alappuzha

SD College Becomes The First Solar Powered College In Alappuzha

The Sanatana Dharma College which is affiliated to Kerala University recently inaugurated their solar panel based power system. This system works with the renewable energy sources provides uninterrupted power supply for the college.

The usual power requirement of the college is limited up to 3500 units per month and this new solar plant produce power up to 5000 units per month.

The excess power will be transferred to KSEB’s main grid and thus the college can collect a good amount from this power sales. At Alappuzha, SD College is the first college which is powered by solar energy.

This solar system installed with the help of Orb Energy Pvt. Ltd Banglore. There is a total of 130 solar panels. Each of them can produce power up to 30W. To know more about this solar power plant please visit the below link.

SD College Becomes The First Solar Powered College In Alappuzha